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1.639 Ft
Cikkszám: S1810003
Egységár: 25.215,38 Ft/kg
Elérhetőség: Saját raktárról azonnal
Szállítási díj: 1.800 Ft
Várható szállítás: 2024. június 25.
Nem értékelt
Rendeld meg 14 óráig és használd már másnap!
Rendeld meg 14 óráig és használd már másnap!
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1.639 Ft


All anglers know the effectiveness of bloodworm, pretty much every fish will have encountered and fed on bloodworm and they instinctively recognise it as a food source. We have managed to harness the flavour of bloodworm and applied it to a pre-drilled , high protein, high oil hard pellet with increased levels of digestible fishmeal and fish oil to make these the perfect bloodworm pellet hookbait, dark red in colour with a strong bloodworm flavour. Available in two sizes 8mm and 14mm and various they suit a variety of different fishing situations. Perfectly suited to feeder fishing lakes for carp and bream these high oil hookbaits make a great target bait when using bloodworm groundbait or feed pellets.   These hookbaits have really found favour with river anglers when fishing for barbel and chub. Because the feed used is predominantly pellet based or groundbait made from crushed pellets then they are the perfect choice hookbait as they will match the feed being used. Although they have high levels of oil already in them if you add more then they will last longer in the water before breaking down. Being Pre-drilled means there is no need to drill them on the bank and no worries about them splitting. The packs also come with a free pack of pellet stops and hair stops for perfect presentation.


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